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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  September 24, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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it's the first nationwide take back day. >> reporter: no questions will be asked. you can drop off the prescription medication at several locations tomorrow. at the university of maryland school of pharmacy students learn the components of medications and just how toxic they could be. dr. jim polly has studied prescription drug abuse. >> and painkillers are more of a cause for death than either heroin or cocaine combined. >> reporter: the increase in pill abuse lead the dea to host a nationwide prescription drug takeback day to dispose of medication. >> happens all the time after surgery or dental procedure.
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people have oxy cotton or vicodin. they end up having more left over. and it's not good to keep it around. >> not good especially if you have kids in the house. the dea says pharmacists are not allowed to take back the drugs and harmful to the environments to flush them down the toilet. if you take expired medication it cobe useless and toxic. >> heart as well as the pink liquid for children's antibiotic. those do go bad and will be ineffective. >> reporter: when you are finished with prescription medication even if the bottle is not empty throw it away. the dea says it will place the ms in an incinerator that is in northern virginia. if you are not able to make it to a drop off point, the best idea is to crush up the pills and throw them in the trash.
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on our website we have a complete list of the collection sites. it runs from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. it's flee free and unanimous. no questions will be asked as you hand over the drugs. a harper county crash involving a school bus. they say the school bus carrying the students were struck by an audi that crossed the line. forcing the bus into a chevy blazer. >> we had a school bus with six children and a driver, an suv, and then a passenger vehicle. the driver of the suv was transported to shock trauma. with injuries. and he was taken by ground. the children and the bus driver were transported to a local
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hospital with minor injuries and released to the dust custody of their parents. >> while dense fog covered the road this morning, investigators have not determined if it played a role in the accident. baltimore city police are gearing up and working to keep the streets safe. the northern district was just u.s. of the police stations hosting a open house tonight. police officers showcased some of their tools and crime fighting techniques. it was a behind the scene event for the people of the community. kelly, very hot day out there. we did have that morning fog. it was thick. it pushed us up to record highs today for baltimore and maryland. look at some of the numbers. 97 degrees. 95 at the air force. 96 downtown. it still feels like the mid 80s out there tonight. we're still talking about heat
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index two days into fall. more fall like forecast tomorrow. a breezy day as well. and then much cooler than that as we go for the second half of the weekend. we'll break down your sunday. thanks. good music, lots of food, and a fun time all to high pressure out a friend caught in a middle of a tragedy. today folks came out for a concert benefiting emily kerstetter. he's the teener severely injured in a bombing in uganda. the family still needs help. >> we don't know what her prognosis is. we don't know if she is going to need special equipment for the rest of our life. we really don't know. so we're trying to be as conservative as possible right now. and you know hoping for the best. but trying to prepare for the worst. >> you can log on to right now to find
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out how to help emily and her family. it's race weekend at the dover international speedway. women are taking over. you can find them in the stands and the drivers seat. a number of female nascar fans and growing and taking the sport to a whole new level. don harris son is live. >> reporter: when you think of nascar fans this might be the first thing that comes to mind. that was the old days and now the ladies have shown up. >> they're your mothers and girlfriends. >> reporter: well you keep looking because the girls are here they have arrived in big numbers. >> i love the races. i like watching the guys race. >> reporter: evidently more and more ladies agree with her. 135,000 people will come to dover to watch the race on sunday and another 6 million will see it on tv.
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40% of all those fans will be women. nascar is the second most watched sport behind the nfl and more women a tuning in every week. not only are more women showing up in the stands you are seeing more ladies behind the wheel like danica patrick. donny is a local driver he's scene advertisers market more women. >> i think they have catered to the racing which makes it more appealing to women to come watch racing. understand it more. really, racing is like one big soap opera. >> proctor and gamble tied years ago. they obviously must have done their research and found out there were more women watching than what we thought. >> reporter: the girls at the track have one bit of advice to their girlfriends that don't getth nascar experience. >> i don't know what their deal is why they don't try it.
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once they do like me, they will be hooked. >> reporter: the female base in nascar continues to grow. they have good looking drivers and real nice cars and a lot of adventure. why wouldn't women like nascar. i'm don harrison. >> it comes to the dover speedway twice a year. the governor race is taking a negative turn as the state moves toward november elections. there is not much space in the polls between bob ehrlich and martin o'malley. it sets up a close match between the republican and democrat. brian kuebler reports both have a lot at stake. >> reporter: now the primary is passed the focus is on the governor race and the gloves are coming off. >> with martin o'malley as governor maryland has moved back toward. >> reporter: while former
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governor released positive ads the gop is doing the dirty work. this ad blasts o'malley for the unemployment rate and raising taxes during his term on negative ad bought and paid for by the republican party. who is higher up sees an opening in a traditionally blue state. >> it has to be in play. new jersey was won by chris christy. so if scott brown can do it if chris christy can do it bob can do it. >> this tough economy we need a governor on our side. >> reporter: o'malley is fighting back. the current governor has been running negative ads since the primary season but focusing in on ehrlich's old record insisting he raised taxes himself but called them fees. o'malley also continues to say in his ads ehrlich was a paid lobbiest for big business.
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kathleen kennedy says negative ads are a part of the stretch run in any campaign. >> the fact is people will always say angry things at the end of the campaign. it happens. people will ask themselves who will be better for them? who will be better for the state? that will be governor o'malley. >> negative campaigns are like the cherry pie or apple pick. >> reporter: harry smith is at mcdaniels college. he's not surprised at the new ads even though voters say they don't like them, they do work. as long as the governor's race stays tight expect more. >> now you are advertising the reasons why people need to vote for you or against the other fellow. and it seems where great frequency, we're having ads why you need to vote against the other fellow. >> reporter: a political game of tag that may last the rest of the campaign.
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in baltimore brian kuebler. not that long ago relaxing weekend almost always kicked off with a trip to the video store. but now block buster is bankrupt. now the internet is taking over movies, what is next for the movie rental giant? >> i'm happy to use my celebrity to draw attention to this important complicated issue. i hope any star power can bump this hearing all the way i up to c-span 1. a comedian takes on congress. not everyone is laughing. on the weather front today 95 degrees at bwi. 1970 we were this hot. cooler weather will work its way in out of the north. we'll talk about how that effects your weekend coming up.
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if they have their way, we're facing a mountain of debt and a massive tax increase. employers will continue to leave our state, taking their jobs with them. the next four years will impact the next decade, so we've put together a road map to 2020. a plan that brings jobs back to maryland by reducing spending and lowering taxes. let's make the maryland we love not just good, but great. now let's get down to work.
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a comedian takes on capitol hill to bring attention to an important issue. not everybody is laughing. stephen colbert stayed in character as he testified to a hearing on migrant farm workers. this summer he spent time picking tomatoes. >> this brief experience gave me some small understanding of why so few americans are clambering to begin an exciting career as seasonal migrant field workers. >> some republicans blasted it the hearing. saying it mocked the hear. nancy pelosi backs it. if you are thinking about getting an ipad you may have another shopping area.
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target will be the largest retail chain to carry the device. a possible concern for verizon wireless customers tonight. verizon might follow the lead of at & t eliminating unlimited data plans. they told the investors verizon was preparing to roll out new plans within the next four to six months with limits on different tiers of service depending on how much data a customer wants to use. what is next for block buster after it announced bankruptcy? john joins us so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: first they close hundreds of stores and brought back late fees. now they fire for bankruptcy. people are wondering what is next. it did not have the money to
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continue as a growing concern so it's filing for chapter 11 reorganization. it hopes to keep all remaining stores open but is reevaluating its store portfolio. movie gallery lick dated as customers shifted to netflix. news week says internet killed the video store. the government tells us there is no inflation workers get no raises and social security recipients get no cost of living increase. the reality may be different. according a new important cnn money if you drove to disney world you have probably paid more. cnn list six areas seeing price hikes. disney tickets up 6%. movie tickets up 3.7%. also how about this a case of bud light 3.7%.
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hospital bills up 6%. the report does not address prescription drug prices which anyone who pays for them can tell you on the increase. for more on my report go to there is unusual visitors hanging around the boat docks. jelly fish are invading the harbor. there is a good reason. they are also following their food. >> their food items they prefer to eat are cone jellies which we call sea walnuts. they are jelly eaters. they come in following that big rise and we see this prevalence of atlantic metal and following it. >> a dry summer with little rain helps to elevate salt
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water. i was at a cookout today for the school and everybody was in the shade. this is not fall. >> mid 90s. humid. yeah summer hanging out even though we are a couple of days in the fall. we have seen this before but not since 1970. we will begin to cool off tomorrow. warm day in the 80s. >> okay. >> it's getting there. get the pumpkin pie ready. >> and apple cider. >> yeah the whole nine yards. halloween is coming up quick. we have a beautiful night on the way. 81 degrees. humid 47%. bottom line it feels like a hot summer night. that's what we have. although fall is on the calendar. check this out a wild situation.
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i want to rewind the clock earlier this morning. socked in with the thick fog. if it wasn't for that fog we would be hotter this morning. we had hot hazy sunshine through the rest of the day and afternoon hours. look at the highs locally. scorching heat out toward frederick. 100 at our weather net site there. chester town to 92. and millersville to 96. these are hot, hot numbers. over to dover where the big race is coming up 97 there. hot day on the track. 98 toward virginia. even tonight still warm balming and muggy out there. and we will not see this change a lot until the winds begin to shift northwest. that won't happen until we get into the day tomorrow. from a timing standpoint it will take awhile. warm air mass over the east
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coast. here is the leading edge of cooler air that will help us out as we go into the afternoon tomorrow and certainly into sunday. much cooler air will arrive around this boundary we see draped across the western pa and western virginia. another warm muggy night you have to run the ac. and back to the north and west cooler air on the marsh. you really will notice it tomorrow night into sunday. it's going to be a little delayed effect. that front coming through to the day tomorrow. a dry day. partly cloudy skies. into the day on sunday i think partly to mostly cloudy. a slight chance of a shower sneaking in as we go into sunday night. most of the weekend does look dry. sunday you will feel the difference as temperatures struggle to get out of the 60s. fall will arrive just a couple days behind schedule. matthew backing winds add 15 miles an hour.
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impressive winds. just south of cuba. this thing will probably take a turn to the north and west as we go into the next 24-48 hours. weakening and then strengthening into the gulf of mexico. it could provide a rainmaking source into next week. the bottom line is we still have plenty of hurricane season left to go. overnight 68. warm night. tomorrow warm start. we get quickly up into the 80s. as we begin to warm up in the afternoon the north winds come in that will hold temperatures off from the 90s. still above average. tomorrow night we're talking about mid 50s and much cooler saturday night. seven-day forecast again the outlook here as we go toward extreme makeover home edition sunday. that is coming up here on sunday night abc 2. the better chances for rain coming in from
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monday and tuesday. kelly. >> thanks a lot. the 15th annual baltimore book festival gets under way. 200 celebrities will be on hand to talk about their books. yous the festival also hosts a number of local authors and wonderful children's books and remember the baltimore book festival is absolutely free. and we are just two days away. sunday extreme makeover home edition kicks off its 8th season with a two hour festival. but before the ultimate reveal we'll take you behind the season scenes of the build. that starts at 6:00 followed by the two hour season premier of extreme makeover home edition at 7:00 p.m.. and just an abc 2 programming note this sunday square off
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with richrd cher will air at 9:00 a.m. instead of at 6:30 because of our home edition special. if you would like to take a look back at the beginning of the project, when the girls found out about their home, you can head to our website at click on the extreme makeover home edition section. get ready to duck. coming up we will take you to the world's largest game of dodge ball. [ male announcer ] need a better way to save for the things you want?
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this is joe with your press box sports report. john harbaugh celebrated his 30th birthday. he would like no better win than win. the team having posted a league minus six turnover ratio. the cleveland the offense will have to depend on wallace. just a few weeks after the ravens got to play in the new billion dollar stadium morgan gets to tackle that venue.
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maryland entertains florida international. going into the weekend the orioles need to win two of their last ten games. toronto jeremy takes on ricky.
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bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out...
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he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side.
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and they are off. hundreds of university of california students and coaches and athletes each pouncing each other with 600 balls hoping to break the record for the world's largest dodge ball game. it was a success with 1,198 participants. that's fun to watch. >> i've never seen that. i've never seen anything like that. wall to wall dodge. just like the old days. high school days. real quick. hot night. mid 80s. i know you like it warm and tropical in your early fall.
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mid to lower 80s through the day and much cooler here. sunday into next week. much more fall like. look at that. low to mid 70s. >> more seasonallable. all right. have a good one. we're back on sunday. old gibbs canning company. today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers
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investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you.
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